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Report: Res Artis Regional Meeting in Lithuania, Oct 2-5, 2014

The Res Artis Regional Meeting Vilnius-Nida was organised by Nida Art Colony of the Vilnius Academy of Arts, henceforth Nida Art Colony, in co-operation with Res Artis. The meeting was supported by the Vilnius Academy of Arts, the Lithuanian Council for Culture, the Swiss Arts Council, and Netherland’s Embassy in Vilnius, Lithuania.


After our last Regional Meeting in Vienna 2012 and our General Meeting in Tokyo in the same year, we are very happy to have been approached by our member VAA Nida Art Colony that is located a five hour bus drive outside of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, to host our Regional Meeting 2014. The chosen focus on non-urban artist residency centers allowed us to look at the many other types of settings that can be a perfect fit for an artist residency to operate in with joy and success. Not at last, half of our membership is situated on the country site or in even more extreme remoteness.

To concentrate on the Northern Baltic, Russia and Central Asia surely challenged many participants to gain new and updated insights about the social and political reality of this part of the world. For a complete overview of the meeting, read the full meeting report Here

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 Key speech Victor Misiano: “What resides in your trauma?”

Victor Misiano “What Resides in Your Trauma?” from Res Artis on Vimeo.