New call: 2020 A4 Artist in Residence International Exchange Program

Application deadline

ARIE 2020 is calling for Chinese and abroad artists, curators, researchers to apply for a one to three months residency at the A4 Art Museum (deadline February 25, 2020).

We provide a round-trip plane ticket, accommodations, studio, material fees, different kinds of salons and sharing sessions and other opportunities; selected artists will be equipped with a program assistant and be professionally supported by the staff of the museum. Throughout the residence, artists will have the opportunities to attend assorted activities and put on a final exhibition to end this unique residency program that helps artists dive into the local social fabrics and urban spaces.

In the meanwhile, starting from 2019, A4 International Artists’ Residency Program will put emphasis on the sphere of public art, such as land art, outdoor sculptures, installations, communal art and so on. In addition to the program’s customary support, selected artists can, according to the proposal, obtain extra budget and the chance to install the final work in the public area of LuxeLake.

As the surrounding communities of the museum increasingly mature, we hope to open more outdoor areas for creative possibilities — the interior and the exterior of the museum will merge together. Therefore, we will focus on public art, including sections such as sculpture, installation, land art and community art production. In the purpose of realizing a highly accomplished work in public areas, selected artists will have the opportunity to apply for a separate budget. Meanwhile, the program remains open and diverse, expecting artists of all kinds to get involved. In addition to participating in the residency program per se, the chosen artists will be entered to our database and be prioritized for the museum’s other programs.

As part of the academic project of A4 Art Museum, the residency program, long-lasting and in-depth, has been an important bridge connecting the museum, the visiting artists, the city, as well as the general public. Chengdu is a cozy and comfortable city, especially befitting artistic creations. Your stay in Chengdu will be a special residency experience for the city’s artistic atmosphere and unique geographical features.

Chengdu will become the arena of creations and challenges for not only residency artists, but also local artists. The process of stimulation and advancement is mutual. Discussions and dialogues will bring up new problems, situations, reflections and ordinations. From this perspective, the existence of this project is significant.

After the deadline, A4’s review panel will arrange meetings to discuss about the application materials and make their decisions. According to the museum’s vision and agenda in the long run, we welcome the participation of artists, curators and researchers who manifest a great interest in publicness and localization. At the same time, they can participate in other projects of the museum and assorted cultural activities in the city, pioneering the in-depth exploration of the city’s urban sinews and local communities.


Eligible Applicants

The program mainly targets at artists or art groups with over 3 years of experience in art creation or curation, who have independent ideas and have breakthrough practices in their fields. Artists or curators should mainly come from the field of contemporary art, with no limitation on the media used for creation.


Application Procedure

Applicants should provide their latest CVs in English, collections of representative work with picture and description, the program plan for residence, the program application form and other materials.

  • The latest CV in English and ensure all information in the CV is accurate.
  • Personal photo, about 1M in size.
  • Collection of representative work should reflect the artistic quality and can fully represent the personal style of the artist. The size of easel painting picture and similar art works should be of the same viewing quality, about 1M in size and named in the standard order (name of the artist, name of the work, category/ material, size, and year). Music and similar works should provide MP3 document or website link; performance art and installation work should provide image information and descriptions with the quality of the picture and format same as described above. Work of other types can use supporting materials accordingly. All materials should be in English.
  • Program plan during residence is a preliminary draft of art creation plan made by the artist; it may include an overall plan of the residence and requirements during the implementation of that plan such as material, space and people. Applicants can make specific creation plans for specific programs. The plan should be in English.
  • The Residence Application Form is the major application document. Please download and fill it up. The form should be completed in English. 

Upon completion, please send it to LUXELAKES·A4 Art Museum official email at: a4office@a4am.cnwith the title as: A4 Artist in Residence International Exchange Program.


Duration of residency

From 1 to 3 months


We currently have 3 apartments that can accommodate 11 artists at a time. An apartment consists of three or four individual rooms, the biggest of which is equipped with a bathroom. The entire apartment shares a kitchen, a meeting room, a balcony, and two

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

We have a professional team in service solely of the residency artists. In the meantime, the Curatorial/Academic Department will also play an important role. Moreover, the artist will work with the Public Education Department to realize all sorts of possi

Studio / Workspace

In 2019, the LUXELAKES·A4 Art Museum welcomed the construction of the international artist-in-residence base and the ability to use more of the surrounding public spaces and outdoor areas. The program can accommodate 10-11 artists at a time. The ARIE Prog

Fees and support

We provide a round-trip plane ticket, accommodations, studio, material fees (CNY10000), different kinds of salons and sharing sessions and other opportunities

Expectations towards the artist

Very often, the artists can decide to donate their works to us after the end of the residency. In terms of the residency project, the artists must finish their work before the end of the residency period in order to participate in the sharing sessions, ta

Application information

Applicants should provide their latest CVs in English and Chinese, personal photo, collections of representative work with picture and description, the program plan for residence, the program application form and other materials. Upon completion, please send it to Luxelakes·A4 Art Museum official email at: with the title as: A4 Artist in Residence International Exchange Program.

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Application deadline

Residency starts
1 May, 2020

Residency ends
15 January, 2021

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