New Residency Typologies

With the rapid expansion and changes in the arts residencies field, how can we categorise arts residency programs today? What are the latest trends? Where do we see the field heading in the future?

Beside their extreme diversity artists residencies share many experiences and fundamental values. For his video keynote at our conference in Kyoto in 2019, Jean-Baptiste Joly used the excellent database of Res Artis as source of information. He will suggest a possible typology for depicting the different profiles and give an insight in the current tendencies of the general movement of artists residencies.

Watch Jean-Baptiste’s keynote here.

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Jean-Baptiste Joly

Jean-Baptiste Joly is the former founding director of Akademie Schloss Solitude, Germany’s largest artist residency program where he introduced a multitude of activities and new initiatives since its inception in 1989 – he remained the artistic director until 2018. He also served as one of the founding members of Res Artis in 1993. Jean-Baptiste studied German Studies in Paris and Berlin from 1969 to 1975 and worked as French and German teacher afterwards. From 1983-1988 he was the director of the French cultural institute, creating the very first artist residency ever in a French institute in 1985. Jean-Baptiste has experience in founding a residency, international support of emerging residencies, invention of new fellowship programs, long term perspective for artists residencies, interdisciplinarity, worldwide overview of residency politics, alumni policy strategies and network activities.