Youkobo Art Space

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The Youkobo facility consists of two unique accommodation spaces and studios, a separate residence space (AIR-1, AIR-2, and AIR-3), exhibition space, and a lounge which facilitates exchange between participating artists.

The AIR Program at Youkobo Art Space is run on the premise that the goals of the participating artists are of primary importance. The participants consult and work together with Youkobo to realize their projects which can take various forms in many disciplines. Involvement in art activities that Youkobo is developing in the community, such as the ‘Trolls in the Park’ open-air art exhibition or projects organized in collaboration with the neighboring elementary school are also welcome.

Residency Programme since: 1989
Description of Organisation: The building where Youkobo Art Space is carrying out its non-profit activities in the Suginami area of Tokyo was, until the 1970s, a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients. Serving first as a creative studio and space for art education with the title ‘Studio Youkobo’, Youkobo first started its trial as a metropolitan Artist-In- Residence (AIR) in 1989 when it hosted overseas artists and architects who were supported by the Matsumae Foundation.

In 2001, the facility housing two art studios, a gallery space, two long-term residency spaces, and a community lounge and office was reformed and re-opened as ‘Youkobo Art Space’, a place providing opportunities for motivated domestic and overseas artists to create and exhibit new work, and for dialogue and exchange through art.

While working positively to develop art activities based in the local community, we also provide a place that promotes cross-cultural understanding and a broad range of international exchange. Making serious efforts to develop as an art space, Youkobo became a member of Res Artis, a worldwide network of art residencies based in Holland, and began to proactively organize exchange activities with a wide spectrum of overseas artists and AIR centers.

The organizational structure of Youkobo consists of two co-directors, a team of supporters (five advisers, one full-time staff, four part-time staff, and one intern from overseas), and an accounting auditor. It is this small-scale organization that is earnestly developing its activities.

Organisation founded in: 1984
What type of organisation are you?:
  • Private company
  • Artist-Run
  • Independent Association/Foundation
If other, please specify: microresidence
Working Languages:
  • English
  • Japanese
Presentation of artists’ work: Exhibition at end of residency
Duration of residency:
  • Months: 1
  • Months: 2
  • Months: 3
  • Months: 4
  • Months: 5
  • Months: 6
  • Months: 6+
  • Years: 1
  • Years: 1+
  • Months: 1 – 3
  • Months: 6 – 12
  • Months: 3 – 6
Number of studios: 3
Number of artists in residence at one time: 3
Studio type and size: Private studio
Accommodation type:
Private Room
Private Apartment
Which disciplines does your residency cater to?:
  • Visual Art
  • Sculpture
  • Ceramics
  • Dance
  • Theatre
  • Printmaking
  • Performing Arts
  • Textile Art
  • Music
  • Literature
  • New Media
  • Animations
  • Film-making
  • Architecture
  • Curatorial
  • Education Programmes
  • Other
What practical facilities does your residency offer to artists?:
  • Private accommodation
  • Private studio / workplace
  • Kitchen
  • Space for partners, families, pets
  • Internet
  • Bicycle
What artistic facilities does your residency offer to artists?:
  • Exhibition space
  • Dance/Theatre/Performance Space
  • Library/research resources
  • Networking
  • Promotional services
Is your residency wheelchair accessible?: No
Companions Allowed:
  • Children
  • Partners
  • Does your residency uphold partnerships beneficial to resident artists? : local workshop facilities, educational institutions, art universities, embassies
    Application process: Digital application
    Do you charge an application fee for your residency?: No
    Do you charge a residency fee for your residency?: Yes
    If yes, what is the residency fee? (in your local currency): see website
    Do you provide the residents with any funds associated with the residency? (e.g. stipend, fellowship, production allowance): No
    If yes, what is the amount of the fund? (in your local currency): not available
    Expenses paid by the artist:
    • Travel
    • Housing
    • Production costs
    • Food
    • Supplies
    • Other
    If other, please specify: cost of utilities (electricity, gas, water, etc.)
    Expenses paid by the organisation:
    • Other
    If other, please specify: Promotional services, Networking
    Are artists expected to do one of the following during their residency stay?:
    • Exhibition
    • Public talk
    • Workshop
    • Teaching
    • No requirements
    Other activities happening at the space:
    • Workshops
    • Presentation
    • Films
    • Exhibition
    • Open Studios
    Selection process: By committee
    Setting: Urban
    Nearest Airport: Narita, Haneda
    How to reach by plane: From both Airports, you can take a Limousine bus bound for KICHIJOJI from where it will take 5 minutes by taxi to get Youkobo.
    How to reach by train: JR Chuo Line or JR Soubu Line, Nishiogikubo Station → North Exit Bus Termina No.2 → Bus bound for Kamishakujii or Ooizumi Gakuen → Zempukuji stop → 5 seconds walk * By walk from the station, it will take about 20 minutes. * Chuo Line does not stop at Nishiogi Station on Saturdays and Sundays JR Chuo Line, JR Soubu Line, or Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, Ogikubo Station → North Exit Bus Terminal No.0 → Bound for Musashiseki Station or Kitaura → Zempukuji stop → 1 minute walk
    How to reach by car: 30-40 minutes by car from the central Tokyo. Youkobo is located on Bus Street in Zempukuji, the street is off-OUME KAIDO which is a large road running across from the central Tokyo to the western Tokyo.Please refer to the map linked bellow for the detailed direction.
    Street & Number: Zempukuji 3-2-10
    Postal Code: 167-0041
    City: Suginami-ku Tokyo
    Country long: Japan
    Zempukuji 3-2-10
    Suginami-ku Tokyo 167-0041 Japan
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