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Name of Residency: UNIDEE

Launched by Michelangelo Pistoletto in 1999, UNIDEE is the higher educational programme for art and social change of Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto. Weaving together moments of interdisciplinary research, knowledge sharing and practical activities, the objective of the programme is to provide the participants with inspiration, motivation and instruments to activate or develop artistic initiatives based on the engagement of local ecologies. Open to artists and professionals from all over the world through residential dynamics, the programme intends to form “artivators”, i.e. people working at the boundaries between artistic practices, processes of social change and collaborations with communities outside the art world.

UNIDEE started as a four-month international residency programme (1999-2013), to enhance its model in 2015 by focusing on annual themes and developing three formats: UNIDEE Modules, UNIDEE AIR – Emerging Geographies and the UNIDEE Connective Residency.

UNIDEE Modules are intensive weekly residential modules open to students, professionals, activists and members of the civil society. They are led by artist-mentors with the support of guests coming from other disciplines, for groups of 10 to 12 participants.

UNIDEE AIR – Emerging Geographies is the international artists residency program organised in partnership with other art institutions, with the aim of supporting the practice of artists coming from non-Western countries. Every year four international artists stay in residence for eight week at Cittadellarte with the aim of entering in contact – though meetings, studio visits and travels in other cities – with the Italian cultural scene, and deepen their research interests.

Launched in 2015, the UNIDEE Connenctive Residency programme is revolved to Italian artists with the aim of connecting their work with the local context of Biella. Every year for a period of six months, an artist selected by direct invitation, is invited to produce a new piece exploring and expanding the themes of social responsible transformation considering the local context of Biella as a starting point of research (Nicola Angiuli -2018/2019; Mattia Paco Rizzi – 2017; Leone Contini – 2016; Caretto e Raffaella Spagna – 2015).

Since 1999, the programme has registered the participation of more than 850 practitioners and professionals from 52 different countries. Previous mentors have been Alessandra Saviotti and Gemma Medina Estupiñan (Arte Útil),  Amy Franceschini and Lode Vranken (Futurefarmers), Assemble, Ayreen Anastas and Rene Gabri, Chto Delat, Franco “Bifo” Berardi, Viviana Checchia, Etcetera, iLiana Fokianaki, Germano Celant, Rick Lowe, Matteo Lucchetti, Viktor Misiano, Antoni Muntadas, Adrian Paci, STEALTH.unlimited, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Jason Waite among others.

Residency Programme since: 1999
Description of Organisation:

Cittadellarte’s aim is to inspire and produce a responsible change in society through ideas and creative projects. Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto was instituted in 1998 as a concrete action of the Progetto Arte Manifesto, where Michelangelo Pistoletto proposed a new role for the artist: that of placing art in direct interaction with all the areas of human activity which form society.

Cittadellarte is dedicated to the study, experimentation and development of practices translating the symbol of the Third Paradise into realty, implying it into every sector of society. It is a great laboratory, hosting many young artists, which generates unedited processes of development in diverse fields of culture, production, economics and politics.

Cittadellarte is a vibrant international network of cultural and social innovators, individuals actively interlaced with their social contexts where they often act as catalyst of change. The interrelationship between people and projects is based on a common vision whose roots lie in an accumulative thought&practice process, developed by a wide range of thinkers, managers, innovators of all field. Pistoletto’s work, from the 60s to today, acts as a pumping brain for Cittadellarte’s communities.
Cittadellarte has developed an extensive networks of collaborations with Institutions (various United Nations Agencies, Ministries, Universities and Educational Organizations) global enterprises and local businesses, civil society collectives, organizations and individuals from all fields.

Organisation founded in: 1998
What type of organisation are you?:
  • University
  • Hotel or Guest house
  • Artist-Run
  • Independent Association/Foundation
  • Part of a Gallery/Museum
Working Languages:
  • English
Presentation of artists’ work: Arranged on a case-by-case basis
Duration of residency:
  • Weeks: 1
  • Months: 2
Number of studios: 2
Number of artists in residence at one time: between 5 and 10
Studio type and size: Shared studio
Accommodation type:
Private Room
Private Apartment
Shared Apartment
Which disciplines does your residency cater to?:
  • Visual Art
  • Sculpture
  • Dance
  • Performing Arts
  • Textile Art
  • Music
  • Literature
  • New Media
  • Education Programmes
What practical facilities does your residency offer to artists?:
  • Private accommodation
  • Kitchen
  • Internet
  • Meals
  • Cleaning
  • Bicycle
  • Woodworking tools
  • Computer
  • Fabric and textiles
  • Library
  • Office
  • Welding tools
What artistic facilities does your residency offer to artists?:
  • Exhibition space
  • Dance/Theatre/Performance Space
  • Library/research resources
  • Film-studio
  • Woodworking tools
  • Technical assistance
Is your residency wheelchair accessible?: No
Companions Allowed:
  • Children
  • Partners
  • Pets
  • Application process: Digital application
    Do you charge an application fee for your residency?: Yes
    If yes, what is the amount of the fund? (in your local currency): please send an enquiry email to
    Are artists expected to do one of the following during their residency stay?:
    • Exhibition
    • Public talk
    • Workshop
    Other activities happening at the space:
    • Workshops
    • Presentation
    • Films
    • Exhibition
    • Cafe/restaurant
    • Open Studios
    Selection process: By committee
    Setting: Urban
    Nearest Airport: Milano Malpensa and/or Torino Caselle
    Nearest Train Station: Biella San Paolo
    How to reach by plane: At this link we explain how to get from the various airports:
    How to reach by train: The closest train station to Cittadellarte is Biella San Paolo. Cittadellarte is a twenty minutes walk from the station, or a five minute taxi ride. As transport schedules vary and trains can be infrequent, please check beforehand on, according to your date and time of arrival.
    Street & Number: Via G.B. Serralunga 27
    Postal Code: 13900
    City: Biella
    Country long: Italy
    Via G.B. Serralunga 27
    Biella 13900 ITA
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