Sundaymorning@ekwc, the European Ceramic Workcentre

The artist-in-residence program is a unique chance to work with ceramics at the highest level. Sundaymorning@ekwc yearly allocates 64 work periods of 12 weeks to artists, designers, architects, writers and musicians who want to benefit from the excellent support, the large kilns and the many technical possibilities the centre has to offer.

Residency Programme since: 1969
Description of Organisation: Sundaymorning@ekwc is a residency renowned worldwide for the knowledge of its staff, the technical possibilities and the spirit of experiment and innovation. Specialized in ceramics. As a centre-of-excellence with a separate research program it initiates, documents and disseminates new developments in ceramics. National and international cooperation with a variety of artistic and educational institutions makes sundaymorning@ekwc a pivotal location for modern ceramics. It hosts 16 artists/designers/ architects/ composers, who do a 12 week residency. Every thursday one participant arrives and every wednesday one participant leaves. The center is known for the extremely bad atmosphere, the competitive attitude between artists, the arrogant staff and the lack of humor of the director.   12 weeks
Organisation founded in: 1969
What type of organisation are you?:
  • Independent Association/Foundation
Working Languages:
  • Dutch
  • English
Presentation of artists’ work: Arranged on a case-by-case basis
Duration of residency:
  • Months: 3
Number of studios: between 11 and 16
Number of artists in residence at one time: between 11 and 16
Studio type and size: Private studio
Accommodation type:
Private Apartment
Which disciplines does your residency cater to?:
  • Visual Art
  • Sculpture
  • Ceramics
  • Literature
What practical facilities does your residency offer to artists?:
  • Private accommodation
  • Kitchen
  • Internet
  • Computer
What artistic facilities does your residency offer to artists?:
  • Library/research resources
  • Ceramic facilities
  • Other
Is your residency wheelchair accessible?: Yes
Companions Allowed:
  • N/A
  • Does your residency uphold partnerships beneficial to resident artists? : Sundaymorning@ekwc is connected to residencies, museums, galleries, curators, universities, critics all over the world.
    Application process: Digital application
    Do you charge an application fee for your residency?: Yes
    Do you charge a residency fee for your residency?: Yes
    If yes, what is the residency fee? (in your local currency): € 1960,20 (incl. 21% VAT) per week (Grant available)
    Do you provide the residents with any funds associated with the residency? (e.g. stipend, fellowship, production allowance): Yes
    If yes, what is the amount of the fund? (in your local currency): This grant amounts to € 1594,30 per week (incl. 21% VAT).
    Expenses paid by the artist:
    • Travel
    • Food
    • Supplies
    Are artists expected to do one of the following during their residency stay?:
    • No requirements
    Other activities happening at the space:
    • Workshops
    • Presentation
    • Exhibition
    • Cafe/restaurant
    Selection process: By committee
    Setting: Both
    Nearest Airport: Eindhoven Airport, Schiphol Airport
    Nearest Train Station: Oisterwijk
    How to reach by train: Oisterwijk has a train station and is well-connected to the nearby cities Tilburg and Eindhoven. Sundaymorning@ekwc is a max 5 minute walk from the train station. If you come out of the train station, turn right (the Spoorlaan), and after a few meters, turn right again. Cross the railway and turn left, into the Almystraat. Now you can see the former factory buildings where Sundaymorning@ekwc and also other creative companies are located. Sundaymorning@ekwc is the building on the far right.
    How to reach by car: From Rotterdam / Den Haag: follow A16 in the direction of Breda and take the E312 to Tilburg. From there, follow N65 to ??s-Hertogenbosch and take the exit Oisterwijk.From Nijmegen / Arnhem: follow A59 in the direction of ??s-Hertogenbosch, and take the N65 to Tilburg. Take the exit Oisterwijk.From Maastricht / Eindhoven: follow A2 in the direction of Eindhoven. From there, take the E312 to Tilburg and take the exit Oisterwijk.From Utrecht / Amsterdam: follow A2 in the direction of Eindhoven. At ??s-Hertogenbosch follow N65 in the direction of Tilburg and take the exit Oisterwijk.Take the second exit at the roundabout (Bedrijfsweg)Take the first exit at the next roundabount (Sprendlingenstraat)Follow the road left (Nijverheidsweg) and at the end right (Almystraat). You will find Sundaymorning@ekwc after 150 m to your right.
    Street & Number: Almystraat 10
    Postal Code: 5061 PA
    City: Oisterwijk
    Country long: Netherlands
    Almystraat 10
    Oisterwijk 5061 PA Netherlands
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