Riba Rocks

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Name of Residency: Riu d’art

The Association of Riba Rocks offers 2 residency options to creatives of all disciplines: visual artists, writers, musicians, poets, performers… who wish to experience the peace and tranquility of a rural environment in the hills of Catalunya, Spain.

The first option is an annual village based residency Riu d’art (River of art) which offers artists a two week stay in village accommodation, food and access to local amenities in a summer month (usually June). This residency is in collaboration with the local town hall and focuses on reanimating public and private locations throughout the village. There is no fee for this residency, funding is sourced to cover artists’ travel and material costs and there is accommodation available in the village.

The second option is La Vall residency based in an off-grid olive farm 3 km from the village of Riba-roja d’Ebre, with mountain backdrop and private valley surroundings. This off-grid residency has two accommodation options. One is a renovated cave-like casita with living/working space, kitchen, en suite and mezzanine bedroom, this is costed at 350 euros per week. The second option is the static caravan accommodation, again fully fitted kitchen facilities but a more basic option at 175 euros per week. Artists supply their own food and materials.

Riba Rocks Association is not-for-profit, with any and all profits made from our residency programmes reinvested into future developments of infrastructure and improvements to facilities and accommodation.

Our residencies promote active cultural and social integration and research and/or production of work. Any work produced for our residencies is given a permanent setting either inside one of the public owned buildings, a street venue in negotiation with the owner or within the natural environment of the valley’s olive farm.

We also support each artist in an exhibition of their work and or public performance in the village of Riba-roja d’Ebre.

Residency Programme since: 2015
Description of Organisation: Established in 2013, Riba Rocks is a not-for-profit organisation based in La Vall, an off-grid olive farm in Riba-roja dEbre, rural Catalunya. With Art, Music and Ecology at its heart, we host international music and arts festivals, volunteer events to improve soil and infrastructure, cultural tipi presentations as well as art workshops and residencies. Riba Rocks works in collaboration with other local associations and organisations as well as the neighbours of Riba-roja d’Ebre.

The 4th edition of the Riba Rocks music and arts festival was awarded the ‘Contribution to Sustainability Award’ at the Iberian Festival Awards 2017. The award recognises the focus on creating ecologically, socially, culturally and economically sustainable events. Across all our events and projects there is an emphasis on low waste, plastic-free, sustainable and local products and materials.

Organisation founded in: 2013
What type of organisation are you?:
  • Independent Association/Foundation
Working Languages:
  • English
  • Spanish
Presentation of artists’ work: Arranged on a case-by-case basis
Duration of residency:
  • Weeks: 2
  • Weeks: 3
  • Months: 1
  • Months: 2
  • Months: 3
Number of studios: 1
Number of artists in residence at one time: between 5 and 10
Studio type and size: Live/work studio
Accommodation type:
Private Room
Shared Apartment
Private Cabin/House
Which disciplines does your residency cater to?:
  • Visual Art
  • Sculpture
  • Ceramics
  • Dance
  • Theatre
  • Performing Arts
  • Textile Art
  • Music
  • Literature
What practical facilities does your residency offer to artists?:
  • Shared accommodation
  • Shared studio / workplace
  • Kitchen
  • Internet
  • Meals
What artistic facilities does your residency offer to artists?:
  • Exhibition space
  • Dance/Theatre/Performance Space
  • Library/research resources
  • Ceramic facilities
  • Welding tools
  • Woodworking tools
  • Metalworking tools
  • Technical assistance
  • Networking
  • Promotional services
Is your residency wheelchair accessible?: No
Companions Allowed:
  • Partners
  • Does your residency uphold partnerships beneficial to resident artists? : We have established partnerships with the ‘Amics de Riba-roja’, local art school L’Aula d’Art, Ceramic workshop, Welding workshop, Town Hall Brigada team for technical support and we are members of the Zona Liquida Co-working space.
    Application process: Open call
    Do you charge an application fee for your residency?: No
    Do you charge a residency fee for your residency?: No
    Do you provide the residents with any funds associated with the residency? (e.g. stipend, fellowship, production allowance): Yes
    If yes, what is the amount of the fund? (in your local currency): We can offer up to 200 euros towards material costs for the Riu d’art village based residency
    Expenses paid by the artist:
    • Travel
    • Production costs
    • Food
    • Supplies
    Expenses paid by the organisation:
    • Travel
    • Production costs
    • Food
    • Supplies
    Are artists expected to do one of the following during their residency stay?:
    • Exhibition
    • Public talk
    • Donation of artwork
    Other activities happening at the space:
    • Workshops
    • Presentation
    • Exhibition
    Selection process: By committee
    Setting: Rural
    Nearest Airport: Reus, Barcelona
    Nearest Train Station: Riba-roja d’Ebre
    How to reach by plane: If you have to fly, OUR CLOSEST AIRPORT IS REUS (Barcelona). Riba-roja d’Ebre is only a 40 minute drive from this airport so this is the best option. You can also fly into Barcelona El Prat or Girona airports but these are a fair distance away (2-3 hours). Search for your flights with Sky Scanner.From Reus Airport:Take the Shuttle Bus to Reus train station (directly outside the airport). Then take the train to Riba-roja d??Ebre, easy!From Barcelona (El Prat) Airport:Take the airport shuttle train which runs every 30 minutes to Barcelona Sants. From there take the train directly to Riba-roja d’Ebre. One ticket can be purchased at the airport for this whole journey. If you want to book an airport transfer just contact us with your flight details and we’ll sort it!
    How to reach by train: If you are coming from Barcelona centre or Reus you can take a train directly to Riba-roja d’Ebre with the Renfe service.
    How to reach by car: Please see the google maps link to Riba-roja d’Ebre. Brittany Ferries offers a ferry crossing from the UK direct to Spain.
    Street & Number: Zona Liquida, Placa de la Vila, 1
    Postal Code: 43790
    City: Riba-roja d’Ebre
    Country long: Spain
    Zona Liquida, Placa de la Vila, 1
    Riba-roja d'Ebre 43790 Spain
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