YORUK, is a twice yearly nomadic residency that takes place in different alternative communities across Europe. The residency programme celebrates the need to empower authentic creative within a context of creating within a community creative process. The intention of the residency is to dream a new way, ecologically and creatively.


A 5 day creative residency and restorative retreat to dream a new way.

The stories we have been given for our bodies, climate and society are not equipping us to move creatively and collectively through change. This retreat will be a migration of minds and bodies, reforming the stories we have been given to commune within deep shared and evolving wisdom. Reclaiming ourselves as

tellers. The vital work of today.

The intention of this nomadic residency is to combine art and spiritual practices to unify ideas of &lsquohealing&rsquo and &lsquocreativity&rsquo. Considering the close relation between &lsquothe artist&rsquo and &lsquothe healer&rsquo, and how this important relationship plays a part in

dialogues and processes of progress and creativity. Exploring how we can open our intimate experience as individual creators to become shared vessels of creative potential. Working through community process and creation. How art practice and making with our hands can inform and initiate a healing of ourselves the community and further a field.

Each day will include a variation of yogic practices, movement, sound, dance and ritual. These energetic practices will lead into individual and collective making, ceremony, performative land walks and home making. Through working with these &ldquosource gestures&rdquo we will delve into the essence of myth facilitating a deep

re-thinking of the stories we tell about home, climate and society.


We will be hosted by the magical permaculture community &lsquoMount of Oaks&rsquo nestled within the Gardunha Mountains &ndash a beautiful place of convergence, micro climate and refuge. This is very much part of the experience of returning to and becoming ensconced in the land


5th-10th July

5th July &ndash Arrivals and 6pm dinner and opening evening ceremony

10th July &ndash Shared breakfast and departures


Ð425, early bird Ð375 before the 8th May. Concessions also available at Ð325

Includes full workshop programme, accommodation and all organic food

For more information and booking email Eva and Louise

Residency Programme since: 2015
Description of Organisation:

We make objects and gatherings to create new myths about land and people. Each new myth in turn leads to the production of an ecosystem of objects, performances, ceremonies and re-enactments. Sometimes working directly with the land and at other times creating a new language through the connection with the sacred through object and gesture.

Our work honours the feminine principle and alternative societies in all aspects of the practice. Working with elders and bringing unconventional groups of people together to create unexpected things. We combine sculpture, sound and movement with a deep playfulness and curiosity to initiate collective improvisation through the ?handheld?.

Fourthland is a place to be occupied temporarily or permanently, a place to use the creative process in the broadest sense. A place for art practice and everyday life. At its largest, it is a whole community. At its smallest, it is a core group of starter occupants.Inspired by diverse cultures and the &ldquovillage scale&rdquo our projects create a shared landing place between people, facilitating knowledge from the peripheries to move into the centre. A process that merges sculptural, social, spiritual and psychological space. A place to explore remembering, movement, dreams and magic.

Beginning in 2008 the practice is held by artists isik knutsdotter Louise Sayarer and Eva Vikstrom with a range of collaborators. Previous projects have explored topics such as climate change, education, ritual, urban policy and heritage. Investigating ways of a &lsquocollective relearning of our climate and social conscious&rsquo.

Fourthland work has been recently exhibited at the Arnolfini, Errant Bodies, PEER Gallery, with recent residencies at Cabot Institute of Climate Change, workshops at Bergen Academy of Art, Cass Art School, UCL Urban Lab and South London Gallery Local.

Organisation founded in: 2008
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  • English
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Shared Room
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