ARCUS Project

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Artist-in-Residence Program of ARCUS Project is the longest running visual arts residence program in Japan. From the time between 1994 and 2018, the program has invited 103 artists from 33 countries/regions. Since 2003, artists from around the world have been selected through applications from open calls and screenings.

The program has focused on the “process” of activities. Therefore, we are looking for a project which does not regard final presentation as a goal, but tries to conduct a site-specific research/project within a certain period of time. It is also expected that the research/project is open to public for sharing the process and collaboration. There is no expectation or promise of an exhibition at the end of the program. Instead we ask the artists to hold Open Studios to interact with the visitors. There will also be opportunities to participate in public presentations at external venues, such as museums and art universities.

Residency Programme since: 1994
Description of Organisation:

ARCUS Project aims to support promising artists who engage in creative activities across the world, and also, to promote the Ibaraki area through art. This project started in 1994 as a test artist-in-residence program that was an initiative of the Ibaraki Prefectural Government. After six years of successfully running the test project period, it then began officially. By collaborating with emerging artists, curators, and prospective art managers, ARCUS Project connects the Ibaraki area with art, and encourages residents of the city of Moriya to voluntarily participate in various art projects that include exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and film screenings.

Organisation founded in: 1994
What type of organisation are you?:
  • Part of a Governmental Institution
Working Languages:
  • English
Presentation of artists’ work: Arranged on a case-by-case basis
Duration of residency:
  • Months: 3 – 6
Number of studios: 3
Number of artists in residence at one time: 3
Studio type and size: Private studio
Accommodation type:
Private Apartment
Which disciplines does your residency cater to?:
  • Visual Art
What practical facilities does your residency offer to artists?:
  • Internet
  • Bicycle
  • Ceramics facilities
  • Woodworking tools
  • Office
What artistic facilities does your residency offer to artists?:
  • Ceramic facilities
  • Networking
  • Promotional services
Is your residency wheelchair accessible?: No
Companions Allowed:
  • Children
  • Partners
  • Application process: Digital application
    Do you charge an application fee for your residency?: No
    Do you charge a residency fee for your residency?: No
    Do you provide the residents with any funds associated with the residency? (e.g. stipend, fellowship, production allowance): Yes
    If yes, what is the amount of the fund? (in your local currency): JPY630,000
    Expenses paid by the artist:
    • Food
    • Supplies
    Expenses paid by the organisation:
    • Travel
    • Accommodation
    • Production costs
    Are artists expected to do one of the following during their residency stay?:
    • Public talk
    • Other
    Other activities happening at the space:
    • Workshops
    • Presentation
    • Open Studios
    Selection process: By committee
    Setting: Both
    Nearest Airport: Narita International Airport
    Nearest Train Station: Moriya
    How to reach by train: Get off at “Moriya Station” by Tsukuba Express from Akihabara Station (Approx. 32 min. by rapid train), then take a local bus and get off at the bus stop “Moriya Koko Iriguchi (Moriya High School).”
    How to reach by car: Approximately 5 min. from “”Yawara I.C.”” on Joban Expressway.
    Street & Number: 2418 Itatoi
    Postal Code: 302-0101
    City: Moriya, Ibaraki
    Country long: Japan
    2418 Itatoi
    Moriya, Ibaraki 302-0101 JPN
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