Communication Intern

Res Artis is looking for a Communication Intern for its office in Amsterdam with experience in social media.
This is a great opportunity to benefit from an enriching experience in an international environment. Interns will work on a variety of projects related to internal and external communications and will receive intensive guidance by the Res Artis staff.

We offer

Your responsibilities involve supporting functions regarding our social media communication, marketing, internal/external communications, international project development and research, as well as all aspects of the administration’s daily business like reaching out to members, website editing and production of a variety of documents.

As Res Artis is a small foundation, our interns form an integral part of the overall team. We share our knowledge and expertise generously with our interns and care to create an inspiring and productive atmosphere.

The intern will be assigned a project, which preferably can be finalized within the internship period.

We expect

Qualifications include superior organisational skills, high level of English speaking and writing, the ability to communicate effectively over the phone and through email, an enthusiastic attitude and a strong interest in artist residencies, cultural exchange and mobility. 

The intern must be capable of working independently, hard-working, reliable, detail-oriented, computer savvy, and be able to both follow instructions while also being resourceful and being able to figure out tasks with a minimum of supervision.


Candidates should be available minimum 3 days per week at the office (Monday to Friday) for a length of 4-6 months.

Start date: asap


This is an unpaid position for which the intern may arrange academic credit. In that case, it is the intern’s responsibility to obtain and complete the necessary forms to receive credit for her/his internship.

As we are looking for an intern for our office, potential candidates should be based in the Netherlands, preferably in Amsterdam.

You’ll need the relevant Visa permits to work in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, we are not able to assist you with any expenses associated with relocation to the Netherlands.

Past experiences

February 2018
‘Working for Res Artis gave me a deeper understanding of many different concepts. Artist residencies, non-profit organisations, online platforms, global networks, etc. and how they all worked and interacted with each other. As a child I travelled a lot to several countries. In a similar way, the global network of Res Artis gave me a sense of ‘travelling’, even though I was physically always in Amsterdam. In addition, I found the role Res Artis plays in bringing different people, art and cultures together very inspirational. I feel that I have gained considerable insight in terms of both forming my career but also my perspective of the world in general.”
– Panagiotis Markopoulos (Greece)

July, 2015
“Working at Res Artis gave me a precious and unforgettable experience. Starting from the first day of my internship, I had a lot of engagements that helped me to quickly learn the ins and outs of artist residencies and the cultural mobility field. During the six-months internship, I had ample chances to communicate with people while getting familiar with the office environment and projects. I really appreciated my internationally-minded, generous and inspiring colleagues. My stay has facilitated me with a real world experience as well as insights into my future career prospects. I truly believe that I learned more than I ever thought possible. A massive thanks to the Res Artis team!”
– Lixiaodan Zhang (China)

July, 2015
“I’m very lucky to have found such a comfortable office environment to work in as my first job experience in the Netherlands. Everyone in the team is welcoming, friendly and dedicated which makes it ever more interesting and fulfilling to complete work tasks. In a short period, I took part in several projects that allowed me to share my knowledge but also add to my knowledge base. I think this experience has given me lot to look forward to in my career path. Thank you to everyone at the Res Artis team for making my time such an enjoyable one.”
– Harveen Singh (Malaysia)

May, 2014
“Being an intern in Res Artis is a really enriching experience, and I have been lucky to have this opportunity! I have been intern for three months, during this time I learn a lot of things about the residency field and also on how a nonprofit organisation works.  I also took part in communication tasks in a really great team work! This experience gave me really important knowledge for my future professional and personal life. Besides of all, I have gained many insights into the work of Res Artis, and I could appreciate the strong commitment of this great team of work! Thank you all for everything!”
– Manon Siret (France)

April, 2014
“Res Artis was my first internship in the international working environment. The ability of Res Artis to bring people together coming from different cultural backgrounds, having a dialogue across multi-disciplines and devoting themselves in the field of artist residency – was what in attracted me to join this intensive team. This is the place you can contribute to your talents, knowledge and insights but also learn from professional guidelines, experiences and interactive communications. Looking back at my past five months in Res Artis, I can certainly say that it benefited my personal and professional development. I really appreciate to have been a part of this inspiring team”
– Sandy W.H. Tu (Taiwan)

UPDATE: Sandy has recently obtained a grant from the Contemporary Art Foundation, Taiwan to support her internship at Dutch Culture | TransArtists. Currently, she is working on updating TransArtists database especially for artist residency programs in East Asia. Meanwhile, she conducts the research of her master thesis on the social value of artist residencies in the Taiwan and the Netherlands as well.

February, 2014
“Last summer, I wanted to join Res Artis to gain some work experience and insight into arts organizations in Europe. Now, almost six months later, I am confident with my future career path in the arts and culture in the Netherlands and Europe. I have an understanding of the issues, concerns and best practices here. Overall, I have had the quintessential internship experience: applied learning with the unconditional support from amazing staff. My time at Res Artis has been personally and professionally rewarding on so many levels!”
– Amanda T. (Canada)

January, 2014
“I arrived at Res Artis as a young graduate interested in the residency field and willing to learn more about the nonprofit cultural sector and to work on communication. In four months, I took part in lots of different projects, from communication with members and website management to research projects. Thanks to this experience, I can say that I have gained many insights into the nonprofit as well and the residency field but also many know-how and all this will be really valuable for my future career. Moreover, I did not feel like a simple intern but as part of the Res Artis team and learn a lot for my professional as well as personal development”.
– Louise Proteau (France)

UPDATE: Louise is currently volunteering at Culture Action Europe, the political plateform for culture and arts based in Brussels, Belgium.In her position of junior political assistant, she is monitoring the European political affairs related to culture and relaying them to CAEs members. For example, she is at the moment analysing Creative Europe funding results.

February, 2013
“Once I started working at Res Artis, I soon found out the pleasant environment the office provides. The informal setting made me really enjoy my time thanks to the amazing staff including Mark, Lillian and Alvaro, all inspiring people who included me from the very first day I walked in the office. I appreciate the ways they guided and treated me like I was a valued employee while I was supposed to be around for only four months! I believe their willingness to share their knowledge and ideas allowed me to learn a lot! It was a lot of fun and the best office-job I could imagine! ”
– Christina Coveou (Greece)

UPDATE: Christina holds a position at the Visitors Center of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, a multifunctional arts, education and entertainment complex designed by Renzo Piano, currently under construction, that is going to host the premises of the Greek National Library, Greek National Opera as well as the biggest park in the Athenian capital. Among other tasks, her position includes the coordination of events, workshops and educational programs to schools, giving guided tours to visitors and supporting other relevant activities. She is also a co-founder of Artscape Athens, an independent space for cultural expression and artistic creation in downtown Athens.

How to apply
1) Send a pdf document (max. 2 pages) including resume & short cover letter to
2) Subject of email: Communication Internship – Amsterdam Office
3) Open Call
4) Starting: ASAP/ To be determined.