For Artists

Can Res Artis help me find a residency?
Res Artis doesn’t have the resources to provide consultancy for artists or others who wish to find a residency program. Please look over the resources and links on our website to help your decision-making and application process.

How can Res Artis help me?
The Res Artis website has the world’s more comprehensive list of vetted residencies, open calls and arts residency news.

Is there a Res Artis residency program?
No, Res Artis is a network for residency centres and other organisations and individuals operating in the field of residency programs. Our activities are focused on exchange amongst our members and the visibilty of the field as a whole. We do run an Arts Residency Manager Exchange to aid professional development, skills and knowledge transfer and better the arts residencies field.

Do I have to be a member of Res Artis to apply for a residency?
No, each of our members has its own application and selection procedures, which are completely independent from Res Artis.

I like what you do, as an individual, can I become a member?
Yes, we have several individual members that wish to support our activities and stay involved with our network. Also, we are always in need of translators and content developers for our website and newsletter.

For Organisations

How can I become a member?
Membership information and fees can be found here.

Do I have to be a legally registered organisation to become a member?
Many Res Artis members are registered associations and organisations, but others are small, informal artist initiatives or individuals. There are several different membership categories to fit your situation. Please read more about this here.

For Res Artis Member Organisations

Are the members of Res Artis only working in the arts?
While the majority of our members are directly involved with assisting in the production of art, we do have members whose primary focus may be related – such as educational organisations, funders, curators, art critics and publishers. We also have members that are other networks who address the needs of a particular geographic region or a specific sector within the field of residencies.

How do I update my profile and post my news item or upcoming deadline?
Only members can list opportunities on our website. If you have additional questions, please contact