BigCi 10th Anniversary Awards 2019 – Call for Submissions

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of BigCi, we are giving away 2 Awards.

This year is the 10th anniversary of BigCi (Bilpin international ground for Creative initiatives) artist-in-residence program.

It is amazing how quickly time flies, how many residents were supported during that time, how many Open Days and other events were staged and how many organisations and private individuals we have worked with.

But, most importantly, how many artists have benefited from BigCi programs.

So, to celebrate this in true BigCi style, we are giving away 2 Awards:

BigCi10 Past Residents Award (4 weeks of BigCi residency) is only open to the past residents of BigCi. You do not need to fill in any forms – we know you! Simply send an email before 18 August 2019 to expressing your interest, and your name will go in the draw for this Award. We will draw the lucky name at the BigCi Open Day on 8 September 2019.

BigCi10 New Residents Award (4 weeks of BigCi residency) is open to any artist who has not done a BigCi residency before. This is a competitive entry based on criteria outlined in the Submission Form –

Submissions deadline is 18 August 2019. The winner will be announced on 8 September 2019 during BigCi Open Day.

There is no entry fee for these Awards.

Both Awards are open to Australian and International Artists from various fields – visual art, installation, multimedia, performance, literature, music, photography, film making, curating.

The link to BigCi10 New Residents Submission Form is at

These Awards are just a beginning of BigCi10 celebration program.

Watch this space and spread the word!