Embodying Philosophy – International Performance Workshop – Catalonia

Movement, performance and multimedia workshop/retreat at art and eco center in Catalonia.

Movement, performance and multimedia workshop/retreat at art and eco center in Catalonia.

The order of the Elefant and Augusta Retreats
Embodying Philosophy
Performance, movement & multimedia Retreat

2st august – 9th august 2019
Catalonia, Spain

How does the post-postmodern being relate to environment, nature and people? What does it mean to be savage vs. being civil? When does the bizarre become usual and vice versa? How is thought and movement programmed and de-programmed?

With the Embodying Philosophy workshop participants are invited to explore issues of the post-post-modern being in relation to the environment, nature and “the other.” The workshop aims to give the participants the tools to deconstruct the subconscious architecture of marketed ideologies and overcome patterned behavior that influence our collective and individual actions. Students will be guided through: methods of dance, movement, therapeutic massage, video, words and sound to uncover information stored in our muscles and programmed in our language. In addition we will be conceptualizing these actions and ideas through small multimedia productions throughout the stay.

Inspirations and techniques are drawn from: Body-SDS, Jung, MK-Ultra, Dada-ism, Walter Benjamin, Christoph Schlingensief and underground culture.

Louisa Yaa Aisin
Aisin has worked as a performance artist throughout 13 years as well as an educated body-therapist since 2014. From this she is operating in the intersection of art, philosophy & health – nurturing our sense of belonging to this world with all its complexities and redefining paths of sensibility. She is currently operating in Copenhagen, DK

for pictures click here

Actual Figures
Brandon Davis is a multi-instrumentalist and video artist who has over twenty years experience in music and art as a member of several touring bands and art groups.

Marie Mark Andersen is a musician, electronic music producer and writer with a background in theater.

Through their band, Actual Figures, they create thematic multimedia concerts centered around a DIY philosophy and aesthetic. They are currently operating out of Finca Sin Numero, Catalonia. For photos click here

Finca Sin Numero
is a unique Art Center and Eco Estate in northern Catalonia restored and built out by a Belgian architect and artist. It is set in a magnificent olive grove with the Albera-range of the Pyrenee Mountains as the back-drop. Here it runs on solar power, collected rainwater and source water. For pictures click here

Work facilities: 250 sqm hall + 16 hectars of private land and olive grove

Sleeping facilities: Shared sleeping hall (5 single beds) with 2 toilets, 3 showers and work table.

Other: Shared Kitchen and dining hall.

Food: 3 mainly vegetarian meals served a day. (vegan diet is possible). + snacks in between and the occasional drink

When: 2.8 – 9.8 2019
Who is it for: Performers, artists, dancers, writers of all levels
Spots Available: 5
Working language: english
Registration + questions: theorderoftheelefant@gmail.com
Deadline for registration: 1st July 2019
Price: 450 euros / per person all included*

* All meals and snacks, wifi, water, electricity, linen, towel, (limited) drinks and transportation between the Finca and Figueres.

Website: theorderoftheelefant.wordpress.com