South America Ceramic Workshops- Art Center Curaumilla – CHILE

A new season of CERAMIC SAFARI Workshops at Curaumilla Art Center 2020.

A new season of CERAMIC SAFARI Workshops at Curaumilla Art Center 2020.

A new season of Ceramic safari workshops at Curaumilla Art Center begins in January 2020 with a two week workshop with Doug Casebeer and Alleghany Meadowswill be sharing their passion about making pots, Exploring Ideas of Shape and Function, making pottery for everyday use. Both instructors have a strong aesthetic and approach to working in clay, and value the recording of moments of beauty and touch in their own work from where the participants can learn. At Curaumilla, they will continue their exploration of ideas around function, and the creation of new forms through experimentation and play. In this workshop students will be working both on the potters wheel and hand building, with stoneware, and firing the wood and soda kilns.

In February 2020 Ayumi Horie will be exploring Mishima. As she says Tecnicolor Mishima. Color! Gold! Silver! Porcelain! Animals! How luscious surface decoration can get when mishima (slip inlay) is layered with decals and glaze. Playing with 100+ different colored slips, get ready for lots of testing and experimentation as we discover how your drawings can come alive in narrative compositions that use color to push and pull information. In conjunction with testing, we’ll also be producing canvases for testing.  To show off all this color, we’ll also cover topics within social media like what makes a great photograph for Instagram and how you can use video in an interesting way to share your work online.

US $ 2.800 – All Inclusive: Workshop, materials (clay, glaze, firings, etc.), transport and accommodation (not including restaurants in Valparaiso and Santiago).
Deposit $ 300 in advance. Payments can be made through Paypal or a bank transfer.

Teachers of International level:

Doug Casebeer
Artistic director of Ceramics and Sculpture and Art residency program at Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Colorado USA. Professor at Anderson Ranch for 29 years.
Doug makes constant conferences, about workshops in ceramic, construction of ovens and he has exhibited his work around the world.
From its beginnings in 2007 he has been part of the International Curaumilla Art Center Directory.
His work is hold by collections worldwide, including a permanent installation since 2007 at the Yingge Ceramics Museum in Taiwan. In 2009 Doug was elected member of the International Academy of Ceramics in Geneva, Switzerland.

Alleghany Meadows
Is a studio potter in Carbondale, Colorado. He received his MFA Alfred University. Alleghany studied with Takashi Nakazato, Karatsu, Japan, received a Watson Foundation Fellowship for field study of potters in Nepal, and was an artist-in-residence at Anderson Ranch Arts Center.

He is the founder of Artstream Nomadic Gallery, co-founder of Harvey/Meadows Gallery, Aspen, Colorado, and co-founder of Studio for Arts and Works (SAW), Carbondale, Colorado.

Ayumi Horie
Is a full-time studio potter based in Maine, who layers color and drawings of animals to create narratives that are grounded in American and Japanese folk traditions and comics.

She co-founded The Democratic Cup, runs Pots In Action, a curatorial project on Instagram that features international ceramics and guest hosts from all over the world. In 2016 she created Portland Brick. In 2011, she was the first recipient of Ceramics Monthly’s Ceramic Artist of the Year award.

She has organized multiple online fundraisers including Obamaware in 2008 and Handmade For Japan in 2011, for disaster relief.

Marilu Pelusa Rosenthal
She studied geography and then ceramics in Chile, France and the United States. She has made ceramic residencies in Venezuela and the United States.

Her creative work is very influenced by nature, especially its processes and mineral composition. Through fire, colors and textures of ceramic tiles, the pieces are in permanent communication with Earth, where there is a special interest in utilitarian pottery to create an intimate relationship between the piece and the person.
Today she teaches and works as a Ceramist in her studio in Santiago, besides being the director of the Curaumilla Art Center.
Her work has been exhibited in Chile, Venezuela, Brazil, the United States and Korea.

Join us and share our 2020 summer SAFARI.