Summer Ceramic Workshop – Centro de arte Curaumilla – Chile

CERAMIC SAFARI Workshops at Curaumilla Art Center 

January, 4 – 17, Doug Casebeer and Alleghany Meadows (USA) February, 11 – 24, Ayumi

Oct. 25 – 3 Nov.     2019         Norma Grinberg (Brazil)
January, 4 – 17      2020         Doug Casebeer and Alleghany Meadows (USA)
February, 11 – 24  2020          Ayumi Horie (USA)

Chilean Coordinator            Marilu Pelusa Rosenthal (Chile)


CERAMIC SAFARI Workshops at Curaumilla Art Center 

Spring 2019 and Summer 2020 in South America

A new season of CERAMIC SAFARI Workshops at Curaumilla Art Center begins in October 2019 with a ten day workshop with Norma Grinbegr (Brazil) will bring her creative mind to us in Ceramic Composition , continues in January 2020 with a two week workshop with Doug Casebeer and Alleghany Meadows (USA) will be sharing their passion about making pots, exploring ideas of shapes and function, making pottery for everyday use. Both instructors have a strong aesthetic and approach to working in clay, and value the recording of moments of beauty and touch in their own work from where the participants can learn.

They invite you to explore the limitless possibilities involved when working in clay, where pots have a personality of their own. Students will learn to find their own voice in pottery.

In this workshop students will be working both on the potters wheel and hand building, with stoneware, and firing the wood and soda kilns.

In February Ayumi Horie (USA) will be exploring Mishima. As she says Tecnicolor Mishima. Color! Gold! Silver! Porcelain! Animals! How luscious surface decoration can get when mishima (slip inlay) is layered with decals and glaze. Playing with 100+ different colored slips, get ready for lots of testing and experimentation as we discover how your drawings can come alive in narrative compositions that use color to push and pull information. In conjunction with testing, we’ll also be producing canvases for testing.  To show off all this color, we’ll also cover topics within social media like what makes a great photograph for Instagram and how you can use video in an interesting way to share your work online.

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