House for creativity in the center of Marrakesh

Riad KIKU, a true jewel in Marrakesh old medina.

The house for creativity is in the old centre of the Medina of Marrakech. Renovating this beautiful structure that was falling apart has been an act of commitment to the preservation of the Medina.

The house has simple yet appealing architectural character. When renovating it became clear that these architectural “volumes “ were the most essential aspect in creating an atmosphere of lightness and comfort. The house is an oasis of peace and harmony , the interiors are more ascetic than decorative.

Now that it is fully livable the intention is to offer it to interested individuals to spend time there . They may have an artistic project to work on or wish to get to know this exciting , beautiful city and its surroundings, be it the nearby Atlas Mountains or coastal towns such as Esaouira.

There are 4 bedrooms, an atelier (which can also be used as an additional bedroom) 2 bathrooms, an extra toilet, kitchen and living room plus a nice big terrace.