El Hacedor, Lugar de Encuentro

Celebrate 20 years of "Imágenes y Palabras" with your work of art.

Imágenes y Palabras exists 20 years!

This is an invitation to participate in its celebration.
We plan a group exhibition “El Hacedor, lugar de encuentro” (“El Hacedor, place to meet”). Our proposal for this group exhibition is to create a labyrinth in the gallery of El Hacedor, transforming the open space in small corners, with the possibility to continue outside.

The theme

The general theme of the exhibition is the labyrinth, i.e. the meeting point, the encounter. Every box will have its own character: a vision, a colour, a message.

The space available 

Each space inside the gallery will be approximately 3-m2. So the works should fit in the box of 3-m2 and, preferably, leave space for more than one work. You will have to take into account the transitions between boxes will be with cloth, plants, plastics or other proposals.


The artistic discipline is completely free: we can hang things, hold sculptures, present audio-visual works on screen, … Apart from visual works you can also play with smells, sounds, taste,…The possibility to make a small installation exists. We have place in the gallery & for works in the open air (no size limitations).

Please confirm your willingness to participate

Other activities 

Throughout 2019, we will be organizing different activities around this achievement, in La Aldea del Portillo de Busto and its surroundings, with the return of international volunteers coming to El Hacedor (after two years of absence), monthly events, workshops in the region, artists in residence, theatre, music and group creation of art.

The assembly of the exhibition will take place during Eastern, when the volunteers are already here and possibly a group of arts-students from Madrid. The opening of the exhibition will be on May 4th, taking in consideration 5th of may is International Day of Labyrinths.

We will send more detailed information on dates of delivery, conditions, works, lodgment, etc. when we have received a considerable amount of confirmations.

Celebrate 20 years of Imágenes y Palabras with your work of art.