Kyoto Workshop Highlights #4

Have you decided which workshops to attend at our meeting in Kyoto? We are here to help!

,Our Res Artis meetings are the heart of our network. We work hard to make sure we deliver excellent workshops lead by experts.

Are you thinking of joining us in Kyoto, or perhaps debating over which workshops to attend whilst there. Well then we are here to help!

At our meeting Creative Encounters: Reimagining Residencies hosted by Kyoto City and Kyoto Art Center there will be an array of discussions and presentations to attend and be inspired by.

However, on the 7th February you will have to choose where to spend your time – so let us introduce the fourth option!

Archiving Residency Outcomes

Our 4th workshop option is lead by Mami Odai – the director of Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio in Japan. Mami returned to Japan following a period of training and research in to cultural policies and AIR networking at ‘Trans Artists’ in the Netherlands.

She currently operates ‘Move Arts Japan (Command N)’, which is a portal site for artist mobility, AIR Projects in Japan and abroad, and research relating to them. This includes VISUAL ARTS FOCUS (France) a group who design AIR projects and prepares their environments.

This workshop focuses on archiving and residency documentation. Outcomes of residencies occur immediately, medium term, and are ongoing. In addition, outcomes are artistic, personal and life changing for artists, as well as the communities that they interact with. Through this workshop, you will brainstorm traditional and digital techniques for archiving the outcomes and lasting legacies of arts residency experiences.

This workshop is an opportunity to consider the temporality of residency experiences with fellow attendees and the support and expertise of Mami. Sound like fun to you?

See you in Kyoto!

– Photo taken in 2017 at our Res Artis Meeting in Copenhagen –