Spotlight on Tea Ceremonies!

Read a little bit about the tea ceremonies of Japan, an important part of #resartiskyoto!

On Thursday 7th February Shingo Yamasaki will lead a tea ceremony at Kyoto Art Center as part of our conference Creative Encounters: Reimagining Residencies!

Shingo Yamasaki

Shingo is a director and musician. Born in Kurashiki in 1978, Yamasaki is based in Kyoto, where he organizes projects with collaborators from various fields including music, art, crafts, and design.

He has a strong interest in craftsmanship rooted in local contexts. And he conceives and runs projects in close partnership with artisans working mainly in traditional crafts. Yamasaki’s current projects include Kyoto Craftsmen Studio, Kougei Now, Kyoto Crafts Magazine, and Social Kitchen. As a musician, he has participated in dance and performing arts works by the likes of Futago no Mibojin, Monochrome Circus, and Tadasu Takamine.

Tea Ceremonies

A Japanese tea ceremony is the choreographic ritual of preparing and then serving matcha tea. Japanese sweets accompany the tea and balance out the bitter taste. Above all, a tea ceremony is held in order to celebrate social events or the arrival of different seasons. This is a long standing tradition. The Japanese have been drinking ground matcha leaves for around 800 years!

A typical ceremony lasts 45 minutes but can last up to 4 hours! Join other attendees and speakers to enjoy this cultural activity with us in just under a month.

So quieten your mind, silence your phone and sip your tea as hosted by Shingo on February 7th.