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Last chance – online registration for #resartiskyoto end on 11/01!

If you haven’t heard yet, our next Res Artis meeting will take part in Kyoto, Japan in just one month. And online registration ends in a few days. Our Res Artis meetings are truly the heart of our network. We strive to provide a space where members, artists, hosts and individuals can meet, network and discuss.

We have had successful meetings around the world from Malaysia in 2006 to Copenhagen in 2017 or Iceland just last year. Take a look at our latest video recap to see for yourself!

This year we are travelling to a popular hotspot – the ‘spiritual home of the Japanese’ -Kyoto from the 6-8th February.

This time our host is Kyoto Art Center in association with our co-host Kyoto City.

By hosting in Kyoto the key themes of this meeting can be reflected in this unique city where traditional and contemporary arts co-exist. Participants will experience the rich culture of Kyoto through Kyoto Art Center, with the opportunity to take part in excursions and tea ceremonies.

Creative Encounters: Reimagining Residencies

The 3 day meeting will address the evolution of artists residency models and rapid expansion of the field through a full timetable of excursions, speeches, discussions and networking. We will compare traditional ‘time and space’ models with new residency typologies that reflect our changing social economy. Nomadic, start-up, virtual and Airbnb residencies will all be explored. The meeting will pose questions about the progression of the field using examples in Japan and internationally. How can we evaluate these new models? In what ways can artists residencies remain socially engaged and respond to artists’ needs? How are these innovative new models funded?

What better way to start the year than delving into the complexities that face the residency world with experts and friends?

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