Kyoto Workshop Highlights #2

Have you decided which workshops to attend at our meeting in Kyoto? We are here to help!

Have you decided which workshops to attend at our meeting in Kyoto? We are here to help!

Our Res Artis meetings are the heart of our network. We work hard to make sure we deliver excellent workshops lead by experts.

Are you thinking of joining us in Kyoto, or perhaps debating over which workshops to attend whilst there. Well then we are here to help!

At our meeting Creative Encounters: Reimagining Residencies hosted by Kyoto City and Kyoto Art Center there will be an array of discussions and presentations to attend and be inspired by.

However on the 7th February you will have to choose where to spend your time. So let us introduce the second option!


This particular workshop will be lead by Tatsuhiko Murata who is the director of Youkobo Art Space and Honorary Board Member of Res Artis (Japan).

Youkobo Art Space manages an Artist-In-Residence Program (AIR) providing accommodation and studio space to artists for a set period of time. It is a non-profit studio and gallery for creating and the presentation of new work by Tokyo-based artists, while also promoting community engagement through art and culture. As a ‘studio (‘kobo’) for ‘you’ (‘you’ in Youkobo meaning ‘play’ in Japanese), Youkobo aims to create a space which gives many people the opportunity to experience art and culture on a more familiar level by supporting the autonomous activities of artists. To date, 280 overseas artists from 40 countries have been to Youkobo. Exhibitions of over 150 Japan-based artists have been held in what has become a place for rich cultural exchange. (As of March, 2017).

This workshop will consider the Microresidence Network (a sub-network of Res Artis). Tatsushiko Murata himself founded the network in 2016. It is a database of microresidencies all over the globe, with macro impact!

Who better to talk you through the progression of the residency field into micro formats? If this sounds like your area of interest then register today!

Looking forward to seeing you in Kyoto!

 – Photo taken in 2018 at our Res Artis Meeting Lapland –