Res Artis at Conference “Artist Residencies in Catalonia”

“Presente y futuro de las residencias artísticas en Cataluña”.

“Presente y futuro de las residencias artísticas en Cataluña”.  “Artist Residencies in Catalonia”.

Res Artis Board Member, Raquel Cámara attended the conference “Presente y futuro de las residencias artísticas en Cataluña” on June 6th at the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB). Organized by the CoNCA (the Arts and Culture Council in Catalonia), the participants were mainly cultural agents specialized in artist residencies and cultural policies in Catalonia. Raquel Cámara represented Res Artis and Mapping Residencies providing a more international perspective on artist residencies in her talk on “Models and Trends of Artist Residencies in Europe.”

Representatives of independent and governmental organizations raised questions about good practices in artist residencies and the public value of artistic creation in Catalonia. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce a new study, Map of Artist Residencies in Catalonia, conducted by the CoNCA with the goal to define and create a typology of the different artist residencies and production centers in Catalonia. The study is expected to be available on the CoNCA’s website by the end of this year.