Southeast Asian Art Residencies Meeting 2018

VIVA EXCON CAPIZ 2018 hosts the second iteration of the Southeast Asian Art Residencies Meeting.

VIVA EXCON CAPIZ 2018 hosts the second iteration of the Southeast Asian Art Residencies Meeting.



The success of the Res Artis Meeting of Southeast Asian Art Residencies at Rimbun Dahan in July 2016 has led Green Papaya Art Projects to convene the second Southeast Asian Art Residencies Meeting in Roxas City this April in 2018. The four-day meeting in Malaysia brought together 20 representatives from 19 residencies and organizations from Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, as well as Australia and China. Facilitated by Jean-Baptiste Joly, founding and artistic director of Akademie Schloss Solitude in Germany and Res Artis board member, the meeting was made possible with funding and support from Goethe-Institut Malaysia and Rimbun Dahan, an arts center outside Kuala Lumpur which runs one of the oldest arts residencies in the region.

It was the first Res Artis regional meeting of art residencies in Southeast Asia. The aim was to host a meeting informed by the different and similar cultural, economic, and political contexts of Southeast Asian countries. This presented a rare opportunity for residencies in the region to engage and share without following the lead of a European, Australian, or even East Asian residency models, to focus on issues closer to home. It will also be the first for the Philippines to host a regional arts residencies meeting situated within the context of strengthening arts communities outside of Metro Manila. It is likewise held as one of the major lead-up events of VIVA EXCON CAPIZ 2018, the longest-running artist-led biennial festivals in the country.


A meeting of arts residencies for cross-disciplinary arts from all over the Southeast Asian region, with specific focus on local independent spaces, artists-run organizations and initiatives, and those situated in smaller cities and provinces.


Provide a platform for interaction and engagement with international counterparts and potential partners, with a focus on developing local arts residency projects through sharing and discussions of experiences, strategies, issues, and challenges; provide an opportunity to re-examine concerns brought up by the previous dialogues in Rimbun Dahan which is to focus on practical and social aspects of cultural practice based on specific contexts; and, create mechanisms (like establishing a formal organisation) to build and strengthen existing networks among participants.

Tentative Agenda: 

4-5 sessions/workshops a day (2 pre- and 2 post-lunch), with optional evening sessions.

The sessions will focus on: 

– State of affairs: identifying relevance to immediate publics, competencies, vulnerabilities and threats;
– Building structures: examining and creating conceptual and operational models;
– Strategies, Challenges, Opportunities: partnering with private institutions, corporations and government/state (external investments), and collaborating within the Philippines, Southeast Asian and international networks;
– Liquid infrastructures: community engagement and participation, geared towards social development;
– Sustainability and resilience: creating archives, maintaining presences and spaces (physical and online), and recognizing indicators of failures and succeses.

The Southeast Asian Art Residencies Meeting 2018 is endorsed by Res Artis Worldwide Network of Artist Residencies and convened by Green Papaya Art Projects. Hosted by the Province of Capiz, the City of Roxas, Gerry Roxas Foundation, Gerry Roxas Training and Convention Center and United Capizeños Foundation, it is supported by the Japan Foundation Manila, Goethe-Institut Philippinen, and Bellas Artes Projects

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