International video exhibition in Res Artis office and project space in Melbourne: @Residence

@Residence runs between 2 March to 1 April and can be viewed by appointment.

The International video exhibition @Residence runs between 2 March to 1 April and can be viewed by appointment.

Artists: Petra Cortright (US), Keren Cytter (US), Mónica Ferreras De la Maza (DR), Mayer\Leyva (Lucas Leyva and Jillian Mayer) (US), Emanuel Röhss (SWE), Julia Varela (SP/ARG)

Curator: Jeremy Gales (AU)

Res Artis has invited guest curator Jeremy Gales (AU) to curate an international group show in our newly launched office and project space in Melbourne, Australia. New and never before seen video works will be premiered alongside important pre-existing works by the established artists to create a fresh narrative. @Residence features works from 6 international video and post-internet artists: Petra Cortright (US), Keren Cytter (US/IS), Mónica Ferreras De la Maza (DR), Mayer\Leyva (Lucas Leyva and Jillian Mayer) (US), Emanuel Röhss (SWE), and Julia Varela (SP/ARG).

Reflective of the space which it inhabits, the parameters of exhibition and residency are blurred in @Residence. The Curator has asked participating artists to select a digital work which best represents their personal experience of undertaking a residency, without being physically present. The temporal and spatial constraints of the show will extrapolate in a hybrid selection of artworks across neo-conceptual, post-net and video genres. A digital public program and catalogue will accompany the exhibition featuring recorded discussions between the curator and artists on Skype.

Ferreras De la Maza’s intention of this piece as a time based diary is to play with the notion of space and time. By looking at the diary be it through the 58 days or just by looking at a few days, one may experience the emotions of Monica’s residency. Even though the residence is over through the diary you could say the experience is vivid and still happening. This work is being shown for the first time.

Mayer\Levya’s Kaiju Bunraku is An absurdist and existential tale that blends the Japanese monster genre of Kaiju (similar to Godzilla) and Bunraku (Ancient theatre art of clapping and chanting). This Japanese/miami monster musical was recorded via a multi-layered process using a theatre shoot and ancient Japanese translators. Mayer notes in a past  interview; that the monsters outside are sometimes easier to fight than those inside, as well as the couple in the mountains having less of a sense of finality than those in Miami (due to coastal and climate erosion). 

Using different objects across three acts the Keren Cytter’s Object is both wicked and vulnerable. Innocence, nihilism and abuse are all present the static frames with no pan or zoom. Three characters represent  different countries that are engaging in power games by interacting with different objects to build intensity. Cytter conceptualised the film in Moscow but shot it in NY.

Measurements is a targeted campaign by artist Jillian Mayer examining new ways of looking. Mimicking the appropriative gestures of advertising and prosumer media, Mayer’s direct message explores what can be obtained from a face.

Petra Courtright’s 911 King explores the digital landscape and how we interact with it through mediums such as webcams and green screens. Her video also looks at the dichotomy of digitized interactions and displays with real life performance and events.

Throughout 2017 Julia Varela experimented with working in aircrafts, seeking out their temporal and spatial parameters. The multifaceted conditions and variables such as speed, cabin pressure, impending death and altitude are all points of departure for Siniestro. The environment creates a cocoon in which the artist can work either individually or collectively with this plethora of different environmental elements.

Exhibition runs between 2 March to 1 April and can be viewed by appointment.

Jeremy Gales, Exhibition Curator
T: +61 466 303 967

Exhibition opening: Friday 2 March, 6 – 8pm
Venue: Level 1,44 Glasshouse Rd, Collingwood VIC, Australia 3066 (entry via Gertrude Glasshouse)
RSVP Essential: or +61 412 725 594

Image: Keren Cytter, Object, 2016 HD video, 27 min, Courtesy of the artist