Goodbye from Mark Vennegoor – Res Artis Director

Res Artis Director, Mark about his time at Res Artis and what lies ahead.

Res Artis Director, Mark about his time at Res Artis and what lies ahead.

Dear friends,

After more than 6 years working for Res Artis, currently in the position of director, I will be leaving by the end of October. It has been a privilege working with people dedicated to the arts, decisive to create opportunities for others and enjoying and cherishing the diversity of the world and the fruits that art bring.

I am grateful that I have been able to contribute to Res Artis as it exists today, as I believe artist residencies fulfill an important role in the art field. Over the past years the amount of Res Artis members have significantly increased and also the residency field has been growing resulting in more and more artist residency opportunities for artists. I hope this growth and support for the residency field will continue so that all artists independent of the stage of their career and where they are from, can explore his/her practice in the framework of another community; meeting new people, using new materials and experiencing life in a new location.

For the future of Res Artis I am therefore also very positive and happy to announce that Res Artis has found a strong replacement for me. This will be made public after my departure in November. The coming time I will be shaping my future, in which I wish to focus more on my own art practice in order to expand projects like and Denim Economics. Furthermore I want to spend more time on the social enterprise that I started recently with my wife to provide an income for Guatemalan women. I am full of energy to go further on these adventures and see what the future will bring. I will remain connected to the residency field and hopefully we meet in the future. If you have LinkedIn, please feel free to connect with me.

Best wishes,

Mark Vennegoor
Encounter the world in Residencies.