Goodbye from Lillian Fellmann (Program Director & Fundraising)

Lillian Fellmann on her time at Res Artis.

Lillian Fellmann on her time at Res Artis.

This is my goodbye note to a small, innovative and daring organization and its network. Res Artis might be based in Europe but it clearly serves the world.

As the Director for Programs and Advocacy, it was my great pleasure to represent this vibrant network of over 500 artist residencies in many different and greatly differing places on this earth. Between 2011 and 2015, this included Serbia, Croatia, Lithuania, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, England, Austria and Australia, several of these countries I was so lucky to re-visit. Wherever I was invited to go, I took my duty seriously to not only explain the work of Res Artis to an affiliated audience and to advocate before the public level, Ministries of Culture, national agencies and city administrations, but to also record the novelties in the field, the many stories untold and challenges met. Especially, the encounters with our member community brought always new insight; these more intimate accounts are hard to gather from the office in Amsterdam. I am very grateful for these intense moments of growth.

Next to programming many meetings – my work also involved the participation of Res Artis in several expertise groups on social impact and measuring, as well as European platforms for the advancement of the role of the arts and culture for social sustainability. Some of this concerned our network directly, some of it more indirectly. In the latter case, the knowledge gained in these cross-sectorial co-operations helped us to better understand the place of the residency field in the cultural sector at large and to create new alliances and partnerships to reinforce its important role. Being involved in writing policy recommendations was, for instance, one way to do this.

These were exciting years. I wish for Res Artis to continue offering the crucial exchange needed to its members and to further expand its network into the places that struggle to have access to know-how and support.

Good bye, Res Artis Board, my gorgeous office colleagues and the global community of artist residencies, I believe in,

Lillian Fellmann