Tilting Axis conference: Call for Participation – “Locating the Caribbean”

Call for proposals.

As part of Res Artis’s contribution to the Tilting Axis conference, generously being hosted by ARC Inc. and Fresh Milk, we would like to solicit abstracts for participation in a forum titled “Locating the Caribbean.” The idea is for us to discuss how to engage this diverse and complex region—at times an impenetrable palimpsest of colonization and migration. (And, of course, as is the case throughout the Americas, the Indigenous population is the foundational layer.) The mapping project developed by Fresh Milk provides a good starting point for your consideration.

Keeping this complicated history of engagement, both with and within the region, we ask for proposals for conversation topics that will help us consider various strategies toward developing new means of collaborating with our colleagues in the region. Are there specific issues—ecology, social justice, aesthetic practices, oral/archival histories, mobility, funding, etc.—that resonate with projects you are already developing? How can new paths be broken that go beyond those already in place? Are there proposals for collaborative projects that can engage the specific challenges (such as linguistic barriers) presented by the region?

Please submit a one-page proposal to mariocaro@resartis.org by October 31st, 2014.

We look forward to your participation, whether you decide to present or not.